How to Sell Pi Coin: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pi Network Users

How to Sell Pi Coin

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When the Pi Network becomes a significant cryptocurrency, many users are eager to know how to Sell Pi Coin in order to make profits. Nevertheless, the coin is not yet exchangeable on external exchanges but it is good to have known process so that you will not be left behind when it’s time. This all-inclusive guide will take you through the processes of selling the coins from transferring them into an exchange up to cashing out.

Participating in the Pi Network Ecosystem:

  • The participation of Pi Network app entails one downloading the app, creating an account, and actively participating in mining endeavors.
  • Users validate transactions and preserve blockchain integrity thus ensuring network security and decentralization of verification.
  • In addition to mining function, there are several community-driven programs such as contributing discussions, promoting adoption as well as building applications on top of PI network platform.

Understanding Pi Network and Pi Coin

Before we dive into how to sell pi coin, let us do a quick recap about what pi network and pi coin are. The goal of this proposed project was to create a decentralized network operated by average individuals which resulted in creation of PI network cryptocurrency. In this case, pi coin is a native cryptocurrency mined by users on the pi networks platform.

Waiting For Mainnet Launch

Pi coin cannot currently be exchanged on external markets. They have to wait for the mainnet of Pi Network to be launched, which will allow them to move and trade Pi coins. Get official updates from Pi Network about when mainnet is going live.

pasted-image-0-1-300x130 How to Sell Pi Coin: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pi Network Users

Transferring Your Pi Coins to An Exchange

After the launch of mainnet by Pi Network, it’s possible that some users may want to transfer their Pi coins from the app into a cryptocurrency exchange that supports trading in Pi coin. Just follow instructions given by this network on how to transfer your Pi coins.

Wait for Mainnet Launch: Ensure that before you send your pi coins to an exchange, it has been launched by pi network meaning there can be external transfers. Stay updated about official announcements regarding mainnet release.

Prepare Your Pi Network Account: Have your account set up and verified with the Pi Network including creating an account on the app and any additional verification steps that might need to be taken.

Accumulate Your Pi Coins: Mine for these digital currencies through regular opening of the app and pressing on their “mine” button each time you open it. Accumulate enough pi coins you are planning to move to exchange.

Check for Exchange Support: Ensure the exchange you want to use is supporting Pi coin trading. Find out reputable exchanges that are known to list various cryptocurrencies including Pi coin.

Create an Account on the Exchange: If you do not have one, open an account with your chosen cryptocurrency exchange. Register on the site and fill in all necessary information about yourself and make sure your passwords are strong enough.

Navigate to Deposit Section: Now logged into your exchange account, go to the deposit section. Seek for any option indicating that you can deposit Pi coins or check whether or not it is listed among supported cryptocurrencies. Read our blogs

Registration and Verification on a Cryptocurrency Exchange

In the event that you do not have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, sign up for one that allows you to trade Pi coin. It will be necessary to complete verification which may involve giving some of your personal data and confirming your identity.

Choose an Exchange: Conduct research and select a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange that backs the trade of Pi coins as well as meeting features, security, supported currencies among other related requirements.

Visit the Exchange Website: Open up the chosen cryptocurrency exchange’s official website.

Create an Account: Press on “Sign Up” or “Register” tabs located on the homepage of the said exchange in order to commence your registration.

Provide Personal Information: Fill in your full name, email address and secure password in a registration form. However, you may need more information about yourself such as country of residence and phone number depending on various exchanges.

Verify Email: Upon registering through submission of this form, check for any email sent by the exchange for verifying purposes. Afterward click onto the link provided therein so that your email is confirmed while at same time activating your account.

Deposit Pi Coins

After you have setup your exchange account, you can create a deposit address for the Pi coin. You may then transfer your coins from the Pi Network app to the exchange wallet using that address.

Sell Pi Coins

Having deposited your pi coins to your exchange wallet now go to the trading section of this exchange. Select a pair which involves Pi Coin and the cryptocurrency or fiat currency in which you want to sell it. Set up a sell order at the desired price for your pi coins.

Withdraw funds

Once you have sold out all of your pi coins, proceed them into either (i) fiat money for banking or (ii) other cryptocurrencies as per withdrawal instructions given by the exchanges.


When Pi Networks’ mainnet is launched and external exchanges start supporting its trading, selling off pi coin could turn out profitable. Once that happens, you could be ready to cash-in on these steps we’ve just described regarding how one can trade his/her pi coins successfully

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I trade Pi coins before the mainnet launch of Pi Network?

No. You cannot trade Pi coins on external exchanges until the mainnet of Pi Network is launched.

Does selling Pi coins on exchanges attract any fees?

Yes, usually cryptocurrencies exchanges charge fee for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Can you sell Pi coins for money?

Absolutely! Once exchangeable, pi can be sold in any foreign currency such as US dollar or euro.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from cryptocurrency exchange?

Depends on the exchange and method of withdrawal chosen – it could take a few minutes (rarely) or even several business days

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