MacBook 12in m7 Reviews 2024: Prices and Details

MacBook 12in m7

MacBook 12in m7 is a product that bought an apple famous laptop series in the eyes of whole world. Those days are gone when everyone buy different products of laptops for many features. MacBook bought all kind of features in one laptop which is very favorable for the series.

It has an awesome display, processor and chips. All kind of things are in one small form factor. One the main upgrade thing in this MacBook is Intel m7 processor. Apple fans not seen it in 12 inches before first.

Specification and Technical Info of MacBook 12In M7

Processor Intel M7 1.3GHZ
Storage 256/512GB
Display Type Retina
Display Size 12 Inch
Display Resolution 2304 x 1440
Ram 8GB


1.  Hardware

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Design & Build Quality

Now we discussed about the design and best quality of the laptop. When first you see on the MacBook 12In M7 you are immediately impressed by its shape and any modern aesthetic. Apple always an eye catching in shape and this device is not expectation. Its color is rose gold, Space grey, silver and gold.


By continue design and build quality now focus on display of MacBook 12in m7. The world where the use of screen time is increase having best quality screen not just luxury it’s a need.


MacBook 12in m7 equipped with 12-inch retina display with IP technology which Pixel resolution is 2304*1440. The high-resolution screen which gives crystal graphics that make everything from text to images. Whether you stream your favorite show or work on graphic design project display provide a smooth layer which competition is very difficult.

Processor: Intel Core m7

The M7 processor is the mobile processors provided by intel for smaller devices. Compared to the other processors used in large PCs the processor of M7 in the MacBook 12 is equivalent to the corei5 8th generation processor.

According to the source, the speed of M7 processor is 1.3GHZ which you get in corei5 8th generation processor. This specs means MacBook 12in m7 use for heavy software and application. The temperature of this device you may not worry about to running multiple apps in background. M7 also means that your laptop speed fast and furious. The impressive thing about this processor is that it provides good performance in the 12-inch slim MacBook. While normal PCs and thick laptops have enough space to store these things but it is impressed thing that 1.3 cm thin chassis.


When we talk about RAM of MacBook 12in m7 it provides 16 GB RAM. It is enough RAM to support multitasking. You can open multiple tabs in your browsers, work on presentation and even video conference call without any lag. Ram complete the processor well. And provide a good user experience which is very difficult to see any other laptop.


The storage of MacBook 12in m7 is excel from another laptops and the speed range of hard drive is 845 and 947 megabytes which is very impressive. Its mean the speed of file transfer is very fast and the application load in a blink of eye. You have multiple storage option to choose from 256/512 GB.

Intel Core m7 processor make a powerhouse with the help of fast RAM and storage which handling a wide range of tasks. This Laptop is very impressive who want all the features and fast things in one laptop.

2.  Software

Now we discuss about software operating system and macOS features. Software is the soul of any computer and Apple macOS is one of the most user friendly and secure operating system ever.

MacOS Features

One of the amazing features of macOS 12 Monterey in which can enjoy on MacBook 12in m7 is that the universal control. This feature helps us to control multiple devices from one keyboard and mouse which increase your multitasking abilities.

Moreover, this system increases the security power including gatekeeper which check the apps security. This software design good for both working and playing use. If you think about to buy MacBook 12in m7 it is due to its modern heavy software.

Pre-installed Software

One of the main advantages is that you do not need to fight with bloatware whose unnecessary application which install o other laptops. MacBook 12in m7 already install with macOS X 10.11.4 in which necessary software like safari, Mail and messages are available.

3.  Battery Life Experience

If one Laptop has all kind of features of the world but its battery not suitable than laptop is not useful. Now we read about the battery of MacBook.

The MacBook 12 come with the 41.4-watt hour lithium polymer battery. While this may not good against the big laptops but very impressive due to its slim size.

Charging Speed

The MacBook 12in m7 support fast charging and it take 2 hours to complete charging by using 30W USB-C power adapter. It is very fast, especially when you use it for long time.


In conclusion, this laptop includes impressive speed, space to battery timing all the features are awesome. This laptop is designed for those people who only want fast and good features. MacBook M7 12 inch is come with modern display and high durability due to its long-life battery.


 Is the MacBook 12in M7 still available for purchase?

The MacBook was discontinued by Apple on July 9, 2019but it is available in market budget-friendly price compared to the newer models.

Can I Replace the RAM or storage on the MacBook 12in M7?

No, it does not offer any replacing options.

Is the keyboard easy for long-term use?

The MacBook comes with a butterfly keyboard, which has been largely complained for its shallow key travel.



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