The Impact of #mymadeinke on Modern Art

The Impact of #mymadeinke on Modern Art

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Art is an ever-changing world, where new movements and styles appear constantly. One of these movements that has started to gain popularity in the last few years is #mymadeinke. This article explores the effect on modern art and its influences on artists and their works.

What is #mymadeinke?

It is a hashtag and a movement created by some artists who were looking for their own place in the world of fine arts. The campaign is mostly based on the use of ink as the primary medium, which involves various techniques and styles used by the artists to come up with distinct and expressive works.

The Rise of #mymadeinke

In recent times, many artists and art lovers have been into the #mymadeinke. The movement has been showcased in different exhibitions and galleries as well as this it has gained popularity over social media channels. More than one million hashtags featuring have been created on Instagram alone, thus providing artists with space to share their work while connecting with others.

Designs Worth Trying Inspired by #mymadeinke

Now we discuss about top designs which is inspired by mymadeinke.

  • Abstract Ink Swirls: Come up with abstract designs using ink swirls and splatters. It is a method through which you can create unique, expressive backgrounds or standalone pieces.
  • Ink and Watercolor: Mix ink together with watercolor for stunning, vibrant effects. While ink can be employed for making bold outlines as well as details, watercolor comes in handy during coloring processes or even when one needs to add more dimensions.
  • Ink and Collage: Employ ink to come up with complicated designs or patterns over collage papers. Through this art form, mixed media pieces are created which have great visual appeal while also posing thought provoking questions.
  • Ink and Calligraphy: Use ink to make beautiful calligraphy works. This technique may result in elegant sophisticated designs or provide personal touch for cards and invitations.
  • Ink and Illustration: Using ink to make the illustrations highly detailed and intricate is a possibility. This can be employed in order to produce breathtaking or fantastic pieces of art that are both beautiful and thought-provoking.
  • Ink and Typography: Ink can also be used to create typographic works that are different from others. Mainly, this is done either when designing posters and flyers or with a view to making bold graphic designs.
  • Ink and Patterns: The use of ink will help you come up with complicated patterns as well as designs. Through this technique a person may create some very beautiful and serene but visually striking artwork.
  • Ink and Portraits: Ink can also be used for drawing amazing portraits. Realistic, photographic images can be created by using this technique; on the other hand, it makes possible abstractionism.
  • Ink and Landscapes: Beautiful landscapes are created through ink drawings. An artist employing this method may choose between creating detailed landscapes that look like real places or more abstract, surrealistic ones.
  • Ink and Experimentation: There should be no fear in trying out inks using various methods that have never been tested before. What makes ink so excellent is its capacity for being versatile, adaptable to numerous situations. Don’t stop your imagination run wild in exploring new possibilities! Visit our website

The Impact of #mymadeinke on Modern Art

One cannot underestimate how much has changed in modern art. It has elevated ink art to new heights; countless numbers of new groundbreaking artists have explored this medium in exciting ways.

A Community Feeling

The #mymadeinke movement has similarly created a community among artists. Use of hashtags and social networking tools enables artistic collaboration, work-sharing and feedback. This feeling of comradeship has contributed immensely to the expansion as well as success associated with the campaign.

A Different Outlook

It has brought modern art into new perspectives. The movement has defied conventional views about art by forcing artists to think outside the box. The employment of ink as the main substance for illustration purpose enables an artist to experiment with diverse ideas thereby enhancing creativeness in comparison with various mediums available in the industry.

A New Appreciation for Ink

In this vein, #mymadeinke has also created a new appreciation for ink as an art form. It has shown the beauty and flexibility of ink and people have been encouraged to perceive it in different manner. This fresh understanding towards ink has led to a revival of its popularity in the field of visual arts based on ink, inspiring another generation of artists to experiment with this medium.

A Movement Towards Minimalism

Additionally, mymadeinke is also identified as one of the trends leaning towards minimalism within contemporary art. The simplicity of ink as a primary material makes it easier for artists to create simple drawings and clean lines that reflect minimalistic styles. Many artists and enthusiasts have appreciated this deviation from the messiness associated with post-modern art.


All said, #mymadeinke has had great impact on modern art. It brought unprecedented attention and value to ink-based artwork, forcing many budding painters into exploration though various ways that include using letters instead of strokes in their paintings. That sense of community; fresh view; new appreciation for ink; movement towards minimalism all brought by #mymadeinke toward modern art are what made it so successful and growing rapidly. The movement is gaining momentum, and #mymadeinke’s significance in the future of contemporary arts remains evident.


What does the hashtag #mymadeinke mean?

This hashtag represents a group of artists who work with ink as their main medium. It is used for exhibiting ink-based pieces of art and inspiring fellow artists in the community.

 How do I become part of #mymadeinke?

If you want to be part of this growing artist community, post your drawings on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #mymadeinke. By using this hashtag, other members will view your art and you can engage with them.

 Where can I find tutorials on #mymadeinke?

You will get endless sources online where you can get tutorials for #mymadeinke. For example, YouTube, Skill share and Udemy have many options. Just keying in ‘#mymadeinke’ on those platforms will give you multiple choices of tutorials and classes.

Why should I begin using #mymadeinke?

A community like #mymadeinke can provide you with a place to find artists who share your passion about ink-based art works. You can connect with other artists using the hashtag, sharing your pieces of work for criticism and motivation from each other. Also, as an artist, the use of hashtag is known to contribute to a growing fan base.

Who started the trend of #mymadeinke?

The trend of #mymadeinke was born out of a group of artists who wanted to be part and parcel of the world art-wise by showing their ink-based creations. Although the actual origin of this hash tag remains unknown; however, it has become popular over time thus creating a vibrant community full of artists.

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