Kokoa tv: Features, Subscription Plans and User Experience

Kokoa tv

From thrilling dramas to interesting shows and performance on chart topping K-pop, Korean TV captured the million worldwide people. If you want to see your favorite Korean content that look no further only see kokoa TV streaming service and kokoa+. Now discussed how we enjoy on kokoa TV.

What is Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV the gateway of your Korean television. At the heart of the TV is KOCOWA+, its is a premium TV platform which delivered the latest and greatest Korean dramas, different kind of reality programs and K-pop series. You can fulfill your desires with this Korean TV.

Features of KOCOWA+

Top increase user experience cocoa TV design very impressive. From high-definition streaming to smooth playbacks KOCOWA+ ensure that you enjoy with the different shows. More that who buy the subscription give more features which do not use any other people. This features only buy those who want some extra shows and function.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Let’s discuss about the prices of KOCOWA+. Do not afraid because it provides affordable packages. You can buy monthly to yearly packages which is able to see you. Its annual subscription price is 69.99$/y.

Steps To buy subscription

  • First Sign Up your account
  • Read all subscription prices and choose best one
  • Click subscription button and give your all details
  • Enter your payment method and buy subscription

Live Shows on Kokoa tv

Now discuss about all the live shows which broadcast on Kokoa TV.

Music show: These shows are available on this channel. You see different famous models and K-pop live performances on it.

Talk Show: This show is based on famous persons interview which audience are like very much.

Sport: You can view all latest sports news on this channel. It is a live broadcast.

News: Live all kind of news are available on This TV. You can see all latest information live on it.

User Experience

We see that how user engage on this channel.

Navigation and Search

Kokoa TV provide user friendly interference which increase speed and easy to find any content. User can find any content show, film, drama and comedy by clicking search box which place at the corner on the screen. It helps to find things which you need and save your time. This platform provides different kind to see dramas, comedy and shows etc. More that this platform gives day and dates which help to see latest shows on this channel. See latest blogs

Watcher Engagement

Kokoa TV provide impressive viewer engagement. This platform provides live chat with view your favorite shows. This allows to chat with other user and share knowledge of shows that he sees. This platform allows to make watchlist. This makes easy to track your video and show that you see. It provide user friendly interference and experience. This a high-level streaming platform with much experience.


In conclusion, beyond his impressive stories and awesome performance its dramas, reality shows and different kind of programs offer a unique indication into Korean culture and society. From heartwarming romance to live streaming. It have something for the audience.


Now we see some queries about Kokoa tv which help to increase knowledge about it.

Is Kokoa tv free to use?

No, you need to buy subscription for weekly or monthly to see this TV. You get 7 days free trails.

Is Kokoa TV available everywhere?

Yes, it available for everyone in any country. You can enjoy its features and shows.

Can I view shows offline by downloading them?

Yes, user can download up to 100 titles in one month which is enough. You can enjoy when you have no internet and if you travel long.

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