Çebiti: A Turkish Recipe and Its Traditional History


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Çebiti is the favorite recipes for Turkish people which attract the worldwide people with its delicious taste and cultural importance. The luxuries days of the ottoman empire, this masterpiece has evolved from the delicious meat enjoyed by families and friends. In this blog we discussed about the benefits, recipe, ingredients and preparation.

Culture of Çebiti in Turkish regions

In turkey, Çebiti represent the culture of its country and his one nation. Geographical diversity and cultural richness are reflected in it. A strong delicious dish which are different in different places. The real demand of this dish in Istanbul.


The cow meat and the small pieces of lamb are marinated in olive oil, garlic and fresh organa and paprika. This variation is expertly grilled. As the result, the burned enter internal and out from external.

The wheat and rice are served with it. Increase the taste of Çebiti, the eggplants and peepers are added in it. Ankara offer its own version of Çebiti, except from the traditional grill. A delicious filled with cumin and sumac are put on the meat. It is commonly served with flatbread.

How to make the perfect Çebiti

Now we discussed about the cooking process and how to make it easily and flavorful.

Select good ingredients: Choose the cow and lamb meat if you want flavorful dish. If you want flavorful dish than the meat choice is very important. Using bulgur wheat also provide a typical quality.

Bulgur wheat preparation: Wet the wheat in hot water for 30 minutes if you make its delicious. The bulgur is softened in tis process so that it absorbs the taste of meat and spices. As the result the delightful meal make.

Proper use of spices: The separate taste come with the help of proper use of spices, including but not limited to red capsicum flakes, garlic powder, pimento, cumin, marjoram and parsley. The spice uses according to his own taste.

Tips and tricks

When we talk about making complete Çebiti. Some tips and tricks which carry you at a next level. First make sure you used fresh ingredients. The quality of your vegetables, meat and spices will impact the flavor of your dish. After cooking wet the meat in the oil, garlic and lemon juice for at least one hour. It increases the soften and increase the taste. To follow these steps, you will be able to make perfect dish that everyone loves.

Benefits of Çebiti

Now we discussed about the benefits of it. The more it’s delicious the more it is benefit.

Encourages Digestive Health

Çebiti not only delicious for taste buds but also offers various health benefits. It helps to promote our digestive system because pure ingredients are present in it. The combination of spice and herbs improve your digestive system. It helps to absorb the nutrients and preventing digestive issues. The presence of yogurt in this dish provides probiotics which help to prevent bloating and indigestion.

Supports Immune System

Our immune system is the defending mechanism of our body which help from dangerous invaders. And you can increase your immune system power by adding Çebiti in it. In this traditional dish, large amount of ingredients is present which improve our digestive system. A large quantity of antioxidants is present in Çebiti. It makes neutralize free radical in the body and prevent from various disease.


It is the evidence of old tradition with its cultural importance and the food of Turkish. If you go to any corner of the world. It offers a cooking experience that is as delightful as it is memorable.


What is the source of Çebiti?

It has roots in Ottoman cooking and has been enjoyed for periods in Turkey.

Can Çebiti be made vegetarian?

Yes, it can be made vegetarian by commanding the butter sauce or using a plant-based substitute.

Is Çebiti spicy?

The level of spiciness can be adjusted to suit separate preferences, classically with the addition of Aleppo capsicum or paprika.

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