honor magic 5 pro: Reviews and Features honor magic 5 pro honor magic 5 pro available in the market of smartphone. Company has been launched this type of wonderful product specially for tech persons. This pocket device extensive which could be going on digital competition which could unattainable otherwise.

Geekzila designed this product in this way it can be competitor of the apple Samsung and oppo company. If you can understand this type of internal information this guide for you. honor magic 5 pro:

While there are many types of smart phone are available in market it is really to me and pick for everywhere I call my friend and going to the nearby the shop. My preference is high quality display with good camera result and good processing speed.

I sure that honor magic 5 pro is good across the other smart phone. Although it is a bit expensive for another model. They can provide the user very high-quality demand reached out their formation.

Specifications of honor magic 5 pro:

I have tested all its components and explore it functioning the specifications and properties as the following as known.

  • Weight is two hundred grams
  • Display six inches
  • Processor snap dragged eight gen two
  • Storage two hundred fifty-six GB
  • Operating system android thirteen magic seven point one

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Feature of honor magic 5 pro

Here we can discuss about the features of honor magic 5 pro.

High pixeled display

The honor five pro feature bigger and high display with maximum resolution. It can provide a high-quality expiries display. It can also decrease the step of loading of refresh rate.

Brilliant processing power

The processing power of due to snapdragon eight gen two is very varsities. In the other hand it can also provide a full the memory of twelve GB data.

Quality capturing

The camera quality of this also amazing with triple rare camera that include a five mb rare camera sensor. The range of front camera 12 mb and the back camera range is cannot limit different ranges.

Long battery life

Battery life is very high as compared to the other smart phone. The featuring of battery is fifty hundred MAH, you can use it for a long time as see the different movie.

Latest operating system

Geekzila tech has manufacture this smart phone on the average integrated by the most advanced operating system. It is compatible with all the modern and latest app.

Final verdicts honor magic 5 pro is a modern smart phone in market. It is very popular in digital world due to his smart catching designed. You must make you mind budget own if you can become an honor of this smart phone. The price of this product is very high as compared to another smart phone.

Software and user interface

THE honor magic five software is powered by most important irritation magic up which is made of android 12 and has a clear and user friendly designed. Choices and intelligent feature like gesture-based navigation and artificial intelligence. Visit our website


What is the key feature of the honor magic 5 pro smart phone?

Honor magic 5 pro smart phone in a sleek design impressive performance and stunning amole display powerful processor and impressive camera setup. The connectivity and fast charging properties and also provide a nest and provide a dual based WIFI.

What is the display resolution of the honor of magic 5 pro?

The honor magic 5 pro six-point 4-inch ambled display with resolution 2340*1080 pixels it offers a different color sharp visual and contrast display.

What is the processing power of magic 5 pro have?

The honor magic 5 pro is powered by kern 990 5g cheapest and 8 GB of ram and 256 GB storage. It is straight multi-tasking fast app launch and impressive overall performance.

How many years does the honor of camera have?

The honor magic 5 pro have four rear camera which have 48 mb main camera and 16 MP ultra white angle length and 2 MP depth sensor it also has 32 MP front camera for high quality selfies and video call. The honor of magic 5 pro is very versatile and high-quality reflection power.

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